Transform Yourself, Your Career and Your Organization 

Be the Change Leader You’re Meant to be

With Expert Change Leadership Mentoring, Coaching & Training

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Transform Yourself, Your Career and Your Organization –

Be the Change Leader You’re Meant to be

With Expert Change Leadership Mentoring, Coaching & Training

You are not just any business leader. You are a visionary with an unwavering passion for creating extraordinary change in your organization. You see the immense potential to boost profitability, delight customers, engage employees and satisfy stakeholders.

But here is the challenge: You are at a crossroads, unsure of how to turn that big vision into a tangible reality.


You have scoured countless books, listened to podcasts, attended industry events, and even worked with consultants and coaches, hoping to find the secret formula for leading change.

Yet, the advice you have received felt generic and left you craving something more substantial, something that considers the intricate web of complexities that come with today’s volatile market affecting your organization’s destiny.

You need more than cookie-cutter strategies or one-size-fits-all approaches. You need a guide and a trusted ally who understands the whole picture of transformation and change leadership, who has lived the journey you are about to start, a partner who will tailor their expertise to your unique circumstances to create the remarkable transformation you envision.

Enter my world

I’m not just a consultant and coach – I’m your beacon of inspiration, your confidence and your catalyst for change


As a seasoned transformational leadership coach and change management guide, I bring to you a rare combination of expertise and empathy. Together, we will unlock what you uniquely need to do to propel you towards becoming a confidential and influential change leader and create powerful results like:

Elevated Change Leadership Effectiveness

  • Build your credibility with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Communicate your vision more effectively
  • Inspire and influence others to act

Expanded Career Potential

  • Become a recognized change leader
  • Be positioned for advancement and promotion
  • Ignite the joy that comes from making a real difference 

Accelerated Organizational Change

  • Drive change with greater ease and reduced resistance
  • Fast-track results, without false starts or rework
  • Create a culture of collaboration, respect and innovation.


Dali helped me visualise other peoples' paces and where and why they may be at a different place. Bringing people on that journey to the future is now how I see my role as a leader.

Francis-Olivier Gravel
Director Total Reward at Boralex

After working with Dali, I was a more assertive leader. I leaned into my own expertise and could trust the work we did. It was solid. And I knew it. Working with Dali opened up a way for me to question the status quo.

Erika Bailey
Director of Innovation and Human Centred Design Enablement at Manulife

Woking with Dali helped me scale our activities and free up capacity to serve more of our clients, dedicate time to strategic work and gain credibility with our clients.

Martin Tanguay
Chief Human Resources Officer at Solmax

Ready to shatter the status quo and embark on an extraordinary transformational change journey?

There are three ways I can help you redefine what’s possible and make your vision for change a living, breathing reality.


Transformational Change Trusted Advisor

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Transformational Change Catalyst Custom Workshops

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Executive Alignment Program

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Transformational Change Trusted Advisor

Your Path to Becoming an Influential Change Leader

Struggling with leading change initiatives within your organization?

Get expert guidance to drive successful transformation with my Trusted Change Advisor Program.

This exclusive program is designed to equip you with strategies, skills, tools and mindset you need to become an influential and recognized change leader who can drive positive organizational transformation.

In this program you’ll get:

  • Expert and Personalized Guidance in change management, organizational transformation, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning
  • Change Leadership skills and Organizational Readiness Assessment to pinpoint priority areas of improvement and pave the way for organizational change success
  • Custom Change Strategy and Roadmap to maximize time, resources and reduce resistance, ensuring effective change implement
  • One-on-One Coaching and mentoring that offers support, guidance, and accountability as you navigate through the complexities of leading change and transformation
  • On-Call Access and Backstage Coaching so that you have real-time support for your pressing challenges and immediate opportunities

 As a result, you will:

Lead transformational change confidently and competently, without second-guessing or feeling overwhelmed.

Fast-track change implementation, minimizing false starts, rework, and costly trial and error.

Elevate your change leadership skills and reputation, becoming the go-to resource for driving complex change.

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Transformational Change Catalyst Custom Workshops

Empowering Leaders with the Skills to Ignite Transformative Change

Looking to up-level your team’s change leadership abilities? My custom change catalyst workshops are exactly what you need.

Through personalized training and coaching, you’ll empower your team with the skills and tools they need to drive successful change in your organization.

 In this highly customized learning experience, you will get:

  • Change leadership assessment for each member of your team to identify both individual and collective development opportunities
  • Tailored learning experiences and group coaching focused on building your team’s change leadership skills, confidence, and collaboration
  • Group forum and on-call support for your team as they implement new learnings and navigate change

 As a result, you will:

Build a team of change leaders who have the expertise to navigate complex change, resulting in smoother and more successful transformational change in the future.

Establish your team as trusted change leaders within the organization, with the recognize for their ability to drive positive change and deliver results.

Empower your organization to thrive in a dynamic market landscape by fostering an agile culture that embraces change and embraces opportunities for expansion.

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Executive Alignment Program

Boost Credibility and Results with Expert Facilitation

Struggling to gain buy-in from your senior management team? Need help getting everyone on the same page and excited about a common change vision?

That is where my Executive Alignment Program comes in.

As an experienced change leader and expert facilitator, I can offer you:

  • A neutral, objective facilitator for key meetings and work sessions that are essential for aligning and engaging the senior team so you can own your seat at the table and participate in the conversation
  • Motivational speaking to help you energize the entire team around the purpose and vision of change you’re seeking to create in the organization
  • Backstage coaching To help you better manage stakeholders, increase buy-in among leaders across the organization

 As a result, you will:

Increase buy-in and support for change across the organization

Infuse your change vision with excitement

Boost your credibility as an internal change leader

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